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Green Friday Tip-Your Pets

March 26, 2010

Green Friday – Going Green is about positive actions that we can take for the health of our body and our environment.

Given that 63 percent of U.S. households have at least one pet, it’s worth seeing if we can make any positive changes in this area.  The important item to avoid is a conventional flea collar, as it will likely contain toxic chemicals that are not only harmful to humans but even more so to the animal on whose neck it is wrapped around.  Flea powders, lotions. and bombs should be avoided.

Fun Stuff-






  • Skooper Box ( is a biodegradble container for scooping the poop.
  • Poop Bags ( is the eco-version
  • Make sure your little pooch for kitty plays with eco-friendly toys made out of hemp or recycled goods at Ecoanimal (
  • If  you want to buy an eco-cat collar, you will find an adorable hemp and orgainic cotton one at Green Kitty (
  • Puppies love cool polar fleece beds from Bone To Pick (


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