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Planning Your Seating Arrangement for Your Next Event

When planning an event, arranging seating for your guests can be one of the most challenging tasks.  To make this easier on yourself, use some common household items and  this will be a quick and hopefully painless process.

First, write down the name of each of your guests – alphabetically – on individual sticky notes.  Next, number your paper plates – one for each table.  Attach the sticky notes in a fan shape around paper plate until you reach your desired number of guests.

Here’s a handy chart so you will remember how many guests fit at each size of table.

Table Size Number of Guests
3’ (36”) Round Min. of 2 – Max. of 4
5’ (60”) Round Min. of 6 – Max. of 10
6’ (72”) Round Min. of 8 – Max. of 12
6’ (60”x72”) Rectangle (Two 30”x72” tables together   can create the same look) Min. of 4 – Max. of 6 *Try not to seat guests on the end of rectangular tables – the table legs will prohibit the guests from sitting flush to the table.*
8’ (60”x96”) Rectangle (Two 30”x96” tables together can create the same look) Min. of 6 – Max. of 8 *See above suggestion*
48″ Square Max. of 6



Happy Planning!

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